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Arrested for a DUI in Huntington Beach California?  The laws are indeed
harsh and very strict in the area and therefore it is important to hire a lawyer that
adversely affecting your good name.  We can fight to remove a drunk driving
offense and help save your drivers license.  We can appear in Court for you if
you live outside the city, county or even the state.  We can help you avoid
expensive travel, stress and worry.   

The arrest keeping you up at night?  Fortunately, a local Huntington Beach DUI
Attorney can help to avoid mandatory potentially deleterious penalties.  We have
been aggressively fighting driving under the influence charges for well over 15
years, we can go to Court for you and handle the DMV aspects in order to save
your drivers license.

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It is the breathtaking beaches and sunsets that attract visitors to the area for
vacations and fun in the sun.  Unfortunately, with this fun often comes contacts
with the police for alcohol related offenses such as DUI, public intoxication and
driving under the influence.  California law dictates that a drunk driving arrest
must result in a suspension action being initiated against the individual's drivers
license.  This action is manifested in the order of suspension or pink piece of
paper issued to the arrestee upon release from jail.   The law only allows 10
days to challenge the suspension otherwise it will become final and all ability to
avoid a mandatory revocation will be forever lost.  Our Huntington Beach DUI
Attorneys can request a formal hearing with the DMV and represent the driver at
the proceedings even if they live outside the area.  Representing out of state
residents  that are facing driving while intoxicated allegations in Orange County
is our specialty and we treat all of our clients with the same attention to detail
that we would give to a member of our own family.

Unlike some states, a DUI arrest in Huntington Beach is not just a simple traffic
ticket, CA law makes all DWI incidents a criminal offense that carries possible
jail time, mandatory education programs, probation, substantial fines, and a
permanent scar on your criminal record.  Our legal professionals focus on
finding innovative solutions to your drunk driving case in O.C.

The Huntington Beach Police Department prides itself with stern enforcement of
all DUI Laws, this comes from their insistence that the area has the highest
number of  DUI  fatalities and alcohol related crimes per capita in the country.  
With this announcement comes heavy handed punishments and innovative
approaches to finding and arresting suspected drunk drivers within the city
limits.  As local  Huntington Beach DUI Lawyers,  our job is to ensure that the
police practices do not infringe upon the  constitutional rights  of our clients.   

One of the many practices the local police employ to find suspected intoxicated
drivers is the DUI sobriety checkpoint.  These roadblocks are set up on heavily
traveled streets and funnel all vehicles into a net of law enforcement officers that
engage in intrusive detentions and questioning of mostly law abiding citizens.  
Sometimes these checkpoints are put together in such a way that may violate
state and federal laws and a Huntington Beach DUI Attorney can evaluate the
circumstances to uncover any violations that may lead to a DUI case being
thrown out in Court.

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Unique to drunk driving investigations in Huntington Beach is the fact that
instead of taking the suspect back to the station an administering a breath test,
the officer in the field utilizes a point of arrest breath machine, specifically a
Drager 7410 handheld device.  This breath tester has a built in printer that spits
out a record of the BAC levels instantaneously.  These devices however are not
without problems.  Perhaps the most common issue associated with POA
breath testing in DUI cases is the mouth alcohol problem.  You see, since the
machine is testing breath, if the person recently belched or burped or has recent
dental work or gastric medical conditions, the test will not generate a reliable
level of blood alcohol.  Commonly, this can be eliminated if the proper
procedures are complied with under the California Regulations, but breakdowns
in following protocol is inevitable.   Our DUI Lawyers in Huntington Beach are
acutely familiar with the legal requirements of DUI breath testing and how
various medical conditions can influence the results.

Another fruitful area of attack in most driving under the influence criminal cases
is the problem with the police becoming too zealous in enforcement and pulling
people over and arresting them without the requisite level of probable cause.  
The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution prohibits unlawful vehicle stops and
our attorneys strenuously pursue illegal police conduct in Court.  Over the last
fifteen years our Law Firm has been successful in getting DUI cases thrown out
due to illegal arrests in all variety of situations, cases involving clients with prior
DUI's, refusals, felony cases, you name it.

We can set up a DMV Hearing to protect your driving privilege even if you do
not possess a CA drivers license.  If you live outside the state of California, our
attorney can appear in Court for you, don't let the case go to warrant due to a
failure to appear.
The bottom line is that if you have a pending Huntington Beach
DUI case and are scared, concerned and in some cases freaking out, we can
help.  The world has not ended and there is hope, hiring a lawyer who has
handled over 5000 cases is a good start.  Call Matthew right now for immediate
answers to your questions.

If you or someone you care about has a DUI case pending in Huntington Beach,
contact our experienced lawyers for a no obligation case review and frank
discussion of your legal rights and defenses,
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