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Arrested for a Lewd Conduct Charge in Long Beach?  Attorney Matthew
Ruff can help.  For persons arrested for the crime of committing a Lewd Act in
Public the period after release from jail can be a stressful and anxiety filled time.
 Our Law Firm has been helping people accused of
Penal Code section 647(a)
for well over 15 years.  Our Attorney has successfully obtained dismissals of all
manner of false allegations of Lewd Conduct in the Long Beach Court and we
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Many prosecutions for the crime of Committing an act of Lewd Conduct  in
Public stem from police sting operations in public park rest rooms and other
areas open to the public.  These operations are notorious for ensnaring
innocent individuals in the name of increasing PC 647(a) arrest statistics in
order to keep funding and justify their existence.  It is indeed common that the
practices employed by undercover detectives infringe on Constitutional Rights
and in many instances constitute entrapment.  Inasmuch as many of the arrests
that occur for the offense of Lewd Act in Public take place in rest rooms and
other similar locations, there is oftentimes a legitimate argument that the police
have invaded the accused right to privacy and have crossed the line of
appropriate police conduct.

California state law defines a "Lewd Act" as any act involving the touching of
genitals, buttocks, or female breasts for the express purpose of causing sexual
arousal, gratification, annoyance or offense when the person committing the act
is aware or should be aware of the presence of any person who may be
offended by the conduct.   The crime further requires that the act be done in any
place open to the public or which may be exposed for potential public viewing.

The Criminal Courts have moreover ruled that the solicitation to engage in lewd
or dissolute conduct requires a specific intent to commit that conduct.

If you have been the target of a police sting for suspects involved in Lewd Acts,
give our Lawyers a call for a free and discreet consultation that will outline your
options and allow us to create a legal strategy to have your charges dismissed
in Court.  Our attorney maintains the best track record or successful case
results in all Lewd Conduct criminal complaints

Our Long Beach Lewd Act Defense Attorneys have one of the highest success
rates for dismissing Penal Code section 647A allegations.  We have
represented teachers, Doctors, lawyers and other professionals and we
understand the severity of the situation.  Our lawyer works hard to drop these
embarrassing charges from your record.  We can help get your case
dismissed, avoid sex offender registration and maintain your good name.

Don't allow a false allegation of perpetrating an act of Lewd Conduct in Public
to ruin your life.  Defenses do exist to fight these defamatory charges.  Our
aggressive defense attorneys are available to defend charges of Lewd Acts in
Public in all Courts in Los Angeles County.

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stone unturned to clear you of the allegations.  

If you have been arrested for a PC 647A in Long Beach, Harbor City, Signal
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offender, the lawyer can help to keep the criminal conviction off your record.

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