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For those facing a Court date for the crime of shoplifting, there exists many
questions.  What will the Judge do to me?  Will I go to Jail?  Will my Employer
find out about my arrest?  What are the long term consequences of a
shoplifting on my criminal record?  Will the crime have adverse impact on my
immigration or citizenship?  These are but a few of among a litany of other
concerns and worries that go through the mind of a person looking at a charge
of shoplifting in the Long Beach, Los Angeles area.

The crime of shoplifting is codified in Penal Code section 484 and PC 490.1.  
These criminal statutes define the elements of the offense and essentially
require that the District Attorney prove that the accused picked up an item,
concealed it and removed it from the rightful owner with the intent to
permanently deprive said owner of the property.  

Many lay persons mistakenly believe that the law requires the accused to
actually take the item outside the store, this is untrue.  In fact, California law
only requires that the prosecution prove that the person arrested moved the
item, however slight, at a time when he or she intended to steal it.   The proof
necessary to convict an individual of theft or larceny can be established by
using circumstantial evidence.  What is circumstantial evidence?  It is when
you take one fact and can reasonably infer a conclusion therefrom.  Here is an
example: If you look outside your window in the morning and the entire yard
and street are wet, you can draw an inference from that fact that it rained, even
though you never actually saw it rain.  Similarly, if a witness sees a person
take a item and stuff it into their purse, concealing it from public view, then
walk towards an exit, it can be inferred that the person "intended: to deprive
the owner of that property.  Shoplifting Law 101.

So where do you go from here?  A
Long Beach Shoplifting Defense Lawyer
can get into Court for you and work to get the charges dropped.  As local
attorneys we know the prosecutors and we know what motivates them.  It is the
job of a criminal defense attorney to find a legal defense that will give the
client's case leverage to get a reduction or a dismissal.  This can be
accomplished by finding deficiencies in the state's evidence, uncovering
mistakes in the investigation, and exposing violations of state law, protocol,
and constitutional rights.

If you or a loved one has been charged with shoplifting in the Long Beach, Los
Angeles area, contact the attorneys that understand the consequences a
conviction will have on a person's future.  Our Law Firm offers a confidential
review of your case and a discreet explanation of your rights and options.

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