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Attorney Matthew Ruff has been fighting unjust charges for well over 15 years.  
He can defend your case. All  cases in Signal Hill are sent to the Long Beach
Court for prosecution.  The agency in charge of prosecuting the case is the Los
Angeles County District Attorneys Office, we know who the D.A. will be that will
be in charge of your case and we know the Judge that will preside over your

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In the case of a DUI arrest the first thing that needs to be considered is the
drivers license component of the case.  The California DMV will suspend your
drivers license for a minimum of four months based on the arrest alone, even if
no criminal charges are filed in Court.  The basis of the action is called an
administrative per se law which allows the DMV to stake and suspend a driving
privilege at the time of arrest.  Fortunately, the law also allows the licensee the
ability to obtain a hearing to challenge the suspension and a Signal Hill
Lawyer can help acquire and prepare the case for the DMV hearing process.

The city of Signal Hill is completely surrounded by Long Beach and has less that
15,000 residents, however due to the city's rich oil resources, the police
department is given substantial funding to enforce the criminal laws within the
municipal borders.   The town has a rich history including being known as the
first city in California with a female mayor.  It was incorporated in 1924 and
because of all the oil derricks it is sometimes called "porcupine hill".  The name
came from the fact that the indigenous Indians used it as a signal area for
neighboring tribes on the island of Santa Catalina.  Among the types of criminal
charges that are targeted are drug possession, domestic violence, assault and
battery, drunk driving, prostitution, theft crimes, and driving on a suspended

As local
Signal Hill Criminal Defense Attorneys, we can go to Court on your
behalf in many instances and defend the allegations, pursuing a dismissal of the
case whenever possible.  Our philosophy in every case is to aggressively and
vigorously  defend the rights of each and every client.  We know the impact a
criminal conviction will have on a person's record and therefore we leave no
stone unturned when representing a client on any offense.

The Signal Hill Police department is relatively rare in the sense that their patrols
cars are equipped with dash mounted cameras which allow a review of the
stop, detention and arrest, but only if a discovery request is made to the
prosecutor for the tape, otherwise it is not made known to the defense and
certainly is not provided in the initial reports.  The benefit of having an
experienced criminal defense attorney familiar with the local customs and
practices is that we know what and where to look to find the deficiencies in
procedure and protocol.

In the event that you or a person you care about is arrested in Signal Hill, we can
get involved and help level the playing field in Court.  Our Signal Hill DUI
Attorney, for example, has over 15 years of defense experience, with special
skills and training to tear down the prosecution's case pertaining to breath and
blood testing in drunk driving cases.  Hundreds of dismissals in DUI cases and

We offer a complimentary consultation on any criminal matter and would be
happy to provide information about collateral matters such as DMV
consequences and your options in Court.  Our law firm is also available to recall
old warrants and seek to repair prior convictions for any criminal case, alcohol
or drug charge in the Long Beach Court.  Hiring a local Signal Hill criminal
defense lawyer early can also result in charges sometime being dropped prior
to the case being filed with the D.A..

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DUI Charges in Hermosa Beach CA as
well as throughout the southern part of the state.

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