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Manhattan Beach DUI Attorney Matthew Ruff  nearly 20 years of actual
in-court experience fighting drunk driving allegations.  There are viable
defenses available to beat a driving under the influence case.  A skilled
lawyer familiar with the current science, laws and inner workings of the
Courts can help level the playing field and ensure a favorable result.

Questions abound for those facing a driving under the influence arrest.  
Among the many concerns are:  What will the consequences be to my
drivers license? Will the Court sentence me to jail?  What is the worst case
scenario in terms of the criminal charges in the Torrance Court?  Are but a
few.  Answers exist to your questions, Manhattan Beach DUI Attorney
Matthew Ruff  has personally handled thousands of drunk driving cases
throughout the South Bay and Los Angeles County.  Having a seasoned legal
professional in your corner is the most reassuring feeling a person can have
when facing a looming Court date and the prospect of serious DMV license

What is the First Step?
Time is of the essence when it comes to taking action after a DUI arrest in
Manhattan Beach.  Under California Law, specifically
Vehicle Code
, the licensee must demand a DMV hearing within 10 calendar
not business days,  if the individual wants to save his license from
being suspended.  The deadline is very serious and virtually no exceptions
are made if the time expires.  Our Manhattan Beach DUI Attorney will
personally arrange a formal hearing to challenge the arresting officer's
opinions and conclusions regarding intoxication, the accuracy of the breath
test and whether precious constitutional rights were violated.  

Next, we get into Court in Torrance, on Maple,  and work on getting the
criminal charges of DUI (23152a) and driving with a .08% or higher
(23152b) dismissed.  As local Manhattan Beach DUI attorneys with
thousands of DUI cases under our belt, you will have the assurance of
knowing your case will be handled by a true professional.  Have a
formidable defense attorney on your side is the best way to a favorable

               Examples of Four Recent Manhattan Beach Cases
Late last year our client was arrested in Manhattan Beach at a DUI
checkpoint.  The client blew into a breath machine that displayed a .10%.  
Notwithstanding the high BAC, the client maintained he was not impaired
and we requested a DMV hearing.  At the hearing in El Segundo attorney
Ruff persuaded the hearing officer that the client had a "rising blood alcohol"
and showed that his actual BAC was below .08 at the time of driving.  The
DMV agreed  and returned his license.  Thereafter, in Court Matthew fought
the case and was able to negotiate a dismissal of the DUI with no classes.

In another case, our client was arrested for DUI in Manhattan Beach.  The
client had
2 prior convictions for DUI in the last 10 years.  He submitted to
a breath test with a result of .24%.  Attorney Matthew Ruff challenged the
breath test by showing state regulations were not followed, the DMV agreed
and set aside the license suspension.  At Court the lawyer negotiated a
reduction in the case that involved no jail time.

Matthew was retained by a client who was stopped and arrested at a DUI
checkpoint in Manhattan Beach.  The client had a job that would not tolerate
its employees to have a DUI on their record.  The problem was that the
client's blood test was .19% .  Mr. Ruff took on the challenge and sought to
find a weakness in the case sufficient to warrant a dismissal of the DUI
charges.  He filed a motion challenging the arrest and the D.A. agreed to
drop the charges to a reckless driving thereby saving the client's job.

In October 2013 Matthew was able to finally settle a DUI case that occurred
in the city and investigated after a motorist reported that his client rear ended
his vehicle and smelled of alcohol.  The client, a professional for a large
company, was fearful of having to install an IID that would require he blow
into it prior to starting his car.  Matthew got the charges reduced from the
driving under the influence allegations to a reckless driving, even though his
blood test came back at a .12%.  

With nearly 20 years experience in the trenches fighting drunk driving cases,
attorney Matthew Ruff will never take a backward step in the pursuit of
justice for his clients.  Every case is handled with the same care and
attention to detail that has resulted in literally hundreds of dismissals.  No
case is too difficult, including hit and run allegations associated with the DUI,
high blood alcohol levels, probation violations, multiple priors, felony charges
involving DUI with injury, just to name a few.

When you or a loved one is facing an upcoming Court date, call the
Manhattan Beach DUI Lawyer that other attorneys and law enforcement call
when they, or a loved one is arrested for DUI.  Also, because we are local,
we can go to Court for you in most cases so you do not have to take time
off from work or travel back to the county.  If you missed your Court date
and need to have a bench warrant recalled, we can set up a conference with
the Judge and D.A. and take care of your outstanding bench warrant.

The bottom line is a drunk driving conviction can be avoided if you act

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