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For anyone researching the ramifications of a criminal arrest, information on the web
can be quite confusing, and often misleading.  Where can a person go to get straight
answers?  Most websites lead the reader to a contact person who is not a lawyer and
simply wants to get that individual to make an appointment with a "contract attorney"
who gets a cut of the fee and pays an amount to the referral website who has no
interest in the successful outcome of your case.

Our Law Firm is different, when you call our toll free number you speak to the attorney
that will be handling your case, Matthew Ruff.  He believes it is best to speak directly
with the prospective new client, avoiding any interference by "case managers",
paralegals, legal secretaries or "new client guidance counselors".  Only a license
lawyer can give legal advice and that is what you receive when you contact our firm.

Long Beach Criminal Attorney Matthew Ruff can explain your options, and give you
direction that you need to relieve your anxiety and worry in this difficult time.

So what are your options in most cases?  Well, you can do nothing and wait for your
Court date.  This option is a form of burying your head in the sand.  The Judge is not
going to help you or feel sympathy for your predicament.  When you appear in Court
you will see that you are but a number to the Judge, a file which he or she needs to
close out and move to the next one.  So, what will happen is you will sit around most of
the morning and wait for your number to be called at which time that the bench officer
will ask you how you want to plead: Guilty or Not Guilty.  If you do not have a lawyer the
Judge cannot act as your advocate and offer his advice, you will be yet a deer in the
headlights with no legal training to assist you in making a correct decision.

A common mistake people make when handling their criminal case without a lawyer is
to read about the law from the internet and base their decisions from that.  The
anecdotes and stories that lay people post on various social media sites are often
fiction and just amount to people boasting about their particular experience in the justic
system.  Do yourself a huge favor and only listen to lawyers that are license in the
state of California.

The other option is to hire a criminal attorney and let him review your case, looking for
weaknesses in the evidence and other violations of your rights.  Often the attorney can
go to Court for you and handle the matter without you ever having to step foot in a

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