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Arrested for DUI in Long Beach?  You have essentially two options:
.  You can do nothing.  You can fail to demand a DMV hearing to save
your license, bury your head in the sand and not hire a lawyer right now to
protect your precious rights, or;

2.   You can hire a local Long Beach DUI Attorney who can secure a formal
hearing with the DMV, obtain all relevant police reports, blood tests, breath
test results and scrutinize the evidence to determine whether mistakes were
made that could result in a return of your drivers license and a dismissal of
the charges in Court.

Long Beach DUI Attorney Matthew Ruff has over 25 years experience
fighting bogus drunk driving cases, he has the skills and the know how to
beat your case. For example, in one recent hearing Matt conducted he was
able to obtain a set aside of a client's driver license suspension with the DMV
even though her blood alcohol level was .19 and .19 on the breath machine,
there was an accident and she had 2 prior DWI arrests. Not doing anything is
simply stupid, you must take action and not allow the government to run
roughshod over your rights and rubber-stamp the cop's report that will get
you convicted and lose your license.

DUID cases are becoming much more common since cannabis was
decriminalized.  Matthew is well versed in fighting DWI charges involving
marijuana and prescription drugs.  In fact, in one recent case in Downey
Matt got
ALL CHARGES DISMISSED for a young under 21 year old
client who crashed into two parked cars and had a vape kit inside her car.  

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DUI is a crime of OPINION, think about it.   The police are allowed to
testify that they believed the accused "appeared" to be under the influence
based on their training and experience.  It is possible that a person can be
convicted on the opinion of the officer alone.  It is also a political crime in
that a person can be charged with DWI even though there is no victim, no
one was harmed and no actual damage was incurred to anybody.  Instead,
society has decided that this can be a crime based on potential harm to others.

When a person is arrested for a DUI in any of the beach cities he or she is
given a Court date for the criminal charge, VC23152, and a pink DMV slip
informing them that there drivers  license will be suspended.  You have the
right to challenge the loss of your license at the DMV and fight the criminal
charges in Court.  A Long Beach DUI Lawyer can assist you in the
protection of your rights.  

In California, under the administrative per se laws a person arrested for a
DUI can request a DMV hearing to challenge the suspension.  We are often
asked "What are my chances of winning at the DMV" ?  The best answer to
that question is you will have a 100% chance of losing your license if you
choose not to challenge the suspension by way of a hearing, however if you
retain experienced counsel to represent you, someone who has done
hundreds of hearings,  then your chances improve dramatically.
DUI Law is very specialized, having an experienced lawyer guide you
through the legal process can make the difference in your case.

Issues that can result in a set aside of the suspension and a dismissal of the
procedures in administering the breath or blood test (Title 17), include an
illegal arrest or detention, insufficient evidence of impairment, lack of
evidence of
drunk driving, Satisfactory performance on the field sobriety
tests, improper blood collection,
Miranda Rights Violations, among many
others.  An attorney can also help if the DUI arrest involved a car accident or
Hit and Run.  Judges now can revoke your license for 10 years if you are
convicted for a driving under the influence offense.

If your breath test was over .08%, or if there was a blood sample withdrawn
or a refusal reported, the Long Beach police probably took your license and
issued you a notice of suspension and 30-day temporary license. A first
offense DUI involves a four-month suspension; a refusal or a second offense
within ten years will result in a one-year suspension. These suspensions can
be successfully contested by an experienced Long Beach CA Drunk Driving
attorney, but it is critical that the individual or, preferably, his attorney,
importance of this cannot be overstated; without a properly submitted
request, there will be no hearing and the suspension will automatically take
effect 30 days after the arrest.

Things you must know about a Long Beach DUI conviction are important.  
First of all, if you plead guilty or no contest to a DUI in Court it will cost you
well over $10,000 over the next 3 years.  Secondly, if you are under 21 you
will lose your license for at least one year if you do not fight the case.  If you
are convicted of drunk driving the judge may order an ignition interlock to be
installed on your car.  You could be ordered to complete an alcohol
education class for up to 18 months, or even 30 months in some cases.

If you are licensed in another state other than California you must request a
DMV hearing within 10 days or you will lose your drivers license in your
home state.  An experienced Long Beach DUI Lawyer can defend you at the
DMV administrative hearing and many seasoned attorneys, like the ones in
our office, win many of the APS hearings they do.  We have handled over a
thousand DUI, DWI and
driving under the influence cases over the last
decade, we know the ins and outs of the Law.

When searching for a DUI or DWI defense Lawyer in Long Beach it is
important to find an attorney who has personally won cases in the local
Court.  Our Law Firm has appeared in the Superior Court of Long Beach
well over a thousand times for our clients.  If the DUI took place in Long
Beach, San Pedro, Signal Hill or city nearby, the case will be heard in
Division 8 of the Long Beach Court. We have successfully attacked
tests, blood tests and urine tests in the defense of driving under the influence
cases.  In addition, our attorney has won DUI cases involving drugs such as
marijuana, methamphetamine, cocaine, ectsacy, and prescription medications
such as vicodin and xanax.  Getting arrested for a DUI does not have to
mean pleading guilty.

Our attorney has successfully handled drunk driving cases involving
accidents, hit and run,  injury cases (VC23153) and situations where children
are present in the car at the time of arrest and child endangerment allegations
are pursued. Whether your case is in L.B. or you are looking for a
Huntington Beach DUI Attorney, we are here to defend you.  

If you live outside Long Beach, WE CAN GO TO COURT FOR YOU.

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We can provide you with valuable information concerning your legal options,
potential DMV consequences and a candid discussion of viable DUI defenses
applicable to your Long Beach driving under the influence case.  Due to the
extreme consequences of a DUI, a Long Beach or
San Pedro  DUI Lawyer
should be contacted early on so that potentially meritorious defenses can be
preserved and the appropriate decisions regarding license ramifications be
made.  Our Law Firm offers immediate advice for people concerned about
their record.

Most Recent Long Beach DUI Case Results

Our client was arrested in Long Beach after an accident, he had 2 DUI prior
convictions and his BAC in this case was a .17%.  The officer took his
license at the scene and attorney Matthew Ruff obtained a DMV hearing to
get it back, at the hearing Mr. Ruff successfully got the evidence suppressed
due to police officer error in the paperwork the driver license was restored.

Our client was arrested after crashing into a parked car in the city of Long
Beach.  He refused to take a chemical test upon request by the police, his
license was confiscated and he was transported to the Long Beach jail.  Our
attorney immediately requested a DMV hearing to save the client from a
mandatory one year license suspension, at the hearing the lawyer convinced
the DMV that the client's rights were violated and they reversed the
suspension and returned his license.  At Court the attorney persuaded the
prosecutor to
dismiss the DUI charges and the case was settled.

Client was stopped by the CHP on the 405 for speeding.  A breath test
showed a BAC of .12%.  The attorney fought the case by filing a motion to
suppress and the City Attorney agreed to
dismiss the DUI charges and
allow a plea to reckless driving with no requirement to complete a DUI

Client stopped for running a red  light and charged with 23152(a) and (b) in
Long Beach Court , Blood alcohol level at .16% and .17% respectively.  The
attorney got the
DUI charges dropped and reduced to a wet reckless.

Client arrested by CHP on 405 freeway for weaving, BAC level .10% on
breath test at roadside.  The attorney got
all charges dropped and case
dismissed upon completion of community service, thereby saving his job and
drivers license,  in Division 8 of the Long Beach Court.

Client was stopped near Ocean Blvd for talking on a cell phone.  The CHP
officer gave him field sobriety tests which were unsatisfactory and he was
arrested, he blew a .09% on the breathalyzer.  We took the case to trial and
persuaded the jury the client was
NOT GUILTY due to a faulty breath test.  

Client stopped for speeding on Ocean Blvd after leaving a local bar.  Long
Beach Police got a breath sample above the legal limit (.08%).  Result:  All
DUI charged dropped, case reduced to a "
dry reckless", DMV suspension
set aside at the Administrative Per Se hearing and license returned.

Client charged with DUI, arrested on Pine Avenue with alcohol and cocaine
in his blood.  Client had a prior DUI. Case Result:  

Client had a second offense DUI within 10 years, Result:  NO JAIL TIME.

Client charged with DUI with 2 prior convictions involved in an accident
causing injury, Blood Alcohol level was .29%.  Disposition worked out for
NO JAIL sentence in Long Beach Court Division 8.

These are only 10 of the
hundreds of favorable results obtained by our
office, call us toll free at 1-877-212-2090 to discuss your individual case.

If you are looking for an aggressive Long Beach DUI Lawyer call Matt today
for information and a frank discussion of your legal rights, defenses and
options in your case.
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