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Aggressive Drug Charges Defense Lawyer
California criminal Drug Laws can be quite complex and confusing for the
average citizen to understand.  With nearly two decades of experience
fighting drug charges, attorney Matthew Ruff can help resolve arrests
involving possession of narcotics within the city of Long Beach and on
Cruise Ships such as Carnival and Royal Caribbean, and anywhere else in
Los Angeles County.  Even small amounts of a controlled substance can be
filed as a felony crime. Please call me for a consultation, whether or not
you think you want to fight the drug charges, I can act as your advocate
and negotiator to work out the best possible deal.  Call me for a one on one
private consultation:

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Prescription drug possession charges are becoming much more common in
Long Beach. The penalties vary based on the complicated way that the
state classifies the different substances according to chemical compound.
Call me for a free consultation and case evaluation if you are facing a
charge of possession of any of the following prescription drugs: Dilaudid,
Duragesic, Hycodan, Tussionex, Klonopin, Methadone, MS Contin,
Percodan, Percocet, Tylox, Ritalin, Adderall, Tylenol No. 4, Vicodin ES,
Xanax, and more.

There are a number of very strong defenses for possession of an otherwise
legal prescription drug. These cases can absolutely be beaten at trial, or
dismissed.  Call me for details on how I can help defend your Long Beach
San Pedro Drug case.

Can you Beat a Drug Possession Charge?
In many cases yes. The first step in defending a Drug possession charge is
almost always a motion to suppress the evidence on grounds of
unreasonable or
illegal search and seizure. The California and United States
Constitution has very strong laws against violating your rights and personal
freedom, which the police are often guilty of disregarding.  Just in the last
month alone, our attorney has been able to knock out drug possession
charges involving substances such as cocaine, methamphetamine and
ecstacy and allow our clients to walk out of Court with all charges

A criminal complaint alleging a violation of possession of drugs must
necessarily include the assertion that the accused had knowledge of the
presence of the illegal substance as well as the fact that the defendant has
control of the object.  It is here where a sharp attorney can defend the case
by challenging the elements of the offense.

Most competent attorneys will also often file a
motion to suppress any
statements incriminating yourself that you may have made before the police
read you your Miranda rights. If the police do not have a search warrant,
they have to establish probable cause for the search. They must have what
are called specific articulable facts to assume that you have drugs in your
possession or on your person. During a PC 1538.5 motion to suppress
hearing, the police officer will have to take the stand and establish these
facts. Any
experienced criminal defense lawyer such as myself will
aggressively challenge any information that the police officer tries to present
as facts in a cross-examination of the cop.

If the judge allows the search to stand as valid, the Long Beach district
attorney still has to prove that the substance involved actually was an illegal
controlled substance, and that they drugs belonged to the defendant -  all
beyond a reasonable doubt.

There are also other legal motions we can file to challenge the police
depending on the circumstances of the case. A person accused of drug
possession has rights and protections available under the 4th, 5th, 6th, and
14th amendments to the US Constitution, as well as similar rights under the
constitution of  California.

Many of the drug possession cases we get in Long Beach are from the
cruise terminal and originate from arrests taking place on cruise ships that
dock in the Long Beach or San Pedro harbor.  Our Law firm has an
excellent track record in obtaining dismissals of drug charges that involve
passengers on cruises out of the Los Angeles terminals.  We fight
possession of ecstasy, cocaine, heroin, prescription pills, marijuana and all
drugs seized on cruise ships.  We get most cases dismissed.

The specifics will vary considerably depending on you case. Your best bet
for honest answers about your situation is to call me for a free consultation.
Our local Long Beach Lawyer will look over the police report and give you
my advice, in plain English, about what your options and your chances are.

I have obtained numerous dismissals on drug cases and have personally
handled well over 5000 criminal cases over the course of my legal career, I
can help you with your case.  Particularly if you are being held on a
warrant at the port of Los Angeles after coming from a cruise from Mexico
or any other destination.

Call Long Beach Drug Law Attorney Matthew Ruff for a personal
consultation toll free at 1-877-212-2090.

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