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Facing a DUI Case in El Segundo CA?  Put our over 25 years of drunk
driving defense experience to work for you.  Skilled driving under the
influence attorney Matthew Ruff knows the law, he knows the Judges, and
he knows the prosecutors that will be trying your case.  Contact the local El
Segundo DUI Attorney today to discuss your options and possible defenses.  
Despite many common misconceptions, DUI cases can be defended with
success if the case is turned over to an experienced lawyer.  Attorney Ruff
can implement a successful case strategy that can, very often, result in saving
your drivers license and avert a DUI conviction on your permanent record.


Matt is a Nationally recognized and Top rated DUI Lawyer who has a stellar
track record in drunk driving defense.  In one recent local case Matt
defended a client who was pulled over after he cut off a LAPD Officer while
exiting a bar parking lot. Officers smelled alcohol and detected slurred speech
and an unsteady gait. The client refused all tests and was arrested.  Matt
fought the case in LAX Court by challenging the opinions of the police and  
convincing the Judge the evidence wasn't sufficient to prove his client was
too impaired to operate a motor vehicle, the client was acquitted of all

Did You Take a Breath Test After Being Arrested?  Breath testing in
California is prone to error.  In fact, CA law requires that certain protocol be
followed in order to rely on the results for BAC purposes.  Matt knows all
the ways cops mess up the test.  The machine used in El Segundo is the
Datamaster DMT and it is not without its own shortcomings.  Over the last
25 years we have fought and won DWI cases involving that device.

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El Segundo from Spanish, means "the second" in English.  The town has a
population of over 16,000  and is home to many Fortune 500 companies
such as Direct TV.  It is a Goliath in the Aerospace and Defense industry yet
the city maintains its small town intimacy and charm.  A DUI charge in the El
Segundo area will usually be prosecuted in the LAX Court, Division 140 on
the 3rd floor of the courthouse.  The prosecutorial agency that handles all
drunk driving cases in El Segundo is the LA County District Attorneys
Office.  Our Defense Attorney, Matthew Ruff, has appeared in that Court
hundreds of times and our office is less that 15 minutes from the Court.  

The first thing that should be done after a drunk driving arrest is to request a
DMV hearing in order to challenge the license suspension that flows from the
administrative (APS) part of the case.  The Driver Safety office of the DMV
is responsible for seeing to it that a hearing is held if a request is made within
the prescribed time frame.  The DMV Hearing will be done in El Segundo at
390 North Sepulveda Blvd.  Our Law firm has handled well over a thousand
license suspension hearings with amazing results.  Among the many types of
cases Matt has defended are DUI involving drugs such as marijuana, refusal
cases, cases where the client has one or more prior convictions for drunk
driving, felony charges and all other alcohol related driving offenses.

The city of El Segundo, with its own police department, is known for
aggressive enforcement of DUI laws.  Not only does the department heavily
patrol its own streets looking for impaired drivers, it also participates in the
South Bay DUI Task Force that enforces driving under the influence
violations throughout the region.  As local DUI Attorney in El Segundo, our
law office has been involved in many cases with ESPD, often obtaining
favorable resolutions in Court and at the DMV.  Matt strives to get the client
acquitted and found NOT GUILTY as opposed to shooting for a quick plea
bargain as may attorneys do.

A DUI can stay on your record for 10 years or longer.  The consequences of
a drunk driving conviction can negatively impact your car insurance, your
criminal record, and the ability to sometimes advance in your career.   Many
folks are unaware that defenses to exist to fight the evidence in a DWI case.  
The breath test is not infallible, in fact in many cases  we have proven that
the breath machine malfunctioned and incorrectly reported a BAC level.  
Finding the "weak link" in a DUI investigation is our area of specialty.

One major focus of enforcement is the DUI checkpoint, the city utilizes this
approach in a variety of areas, often with dozens of arrests.  In recent years
the Courts have permitted law enforcement to not have to publicize these
roadblocks, however there are a number of constitutional requirements that
must be complied with in order to make them legal, our El Segundo DUI
Attorneys know these rules and regulations inside and out and we fight
checkpoints in Court.

In some cases, a DUI arrest can be made by an El Segundo Police Officer in
neighboring cities such as Manhattan Beach or Santa Monica.  In these
instances, our law firm can help because we cover surrounding Courts as
well.  There is no limitation to our defense of driving under the influence
cases.  If you need a local and aggressive
Manhattan Beach DUI Lawyer to
handle your case in Torrance Court or a
DUI Attorney in Santa Monica ,
Division 147 we are here to help.

Refusal to take a breath or blood test can result in up to a three year
revocation of your driving privilege.  Our lawyer is well versed in the laws
pertaining to what constitutes a "refusal" and we have a high success rate of
set asides on DMV hearings where refusal is the issue. Despite what many
believe, refusal cases can be won.  No one knows the ins and outs of refusal
law like Matthew does.

In one recent case, our client, a 20 year old, was stopped for speeding and
arrested after the officer smelled alcohol on her breath.  Being under 21, the
officer wrote her a license suspension notice and took her drivers license on
the spot.  She blew a .10% at the scene and took a blood test later that tested
a .10%.  The attorney, Matthew Ruff, requested a DMV hearing and was
able to knock out the evidence at the El Segundo Driver Safety APS hearing.

In another case Matt handled he was successful in getting a .25 BAC blood
test case dismissed at the DMV due to errors by the officer in the collection
of the blood sample.  The client was involved in a minor collision and
arrested at the scene by CHP after he failed numerous field sobriety tests.  
Matt persuaded the hearing officer that the blood was unreliable after a
chemist at the LASD Crime Lab testified at the APS Hearing.

There are many attorneys marketing on the Internet, be careful to not be
sucked in by a flashy website.  Hire the Law Firm with the best track record
and the skills to get you the best result in Court and at the DMV, over 25
years experience, Matthew handle all of his cases personally.    We have one
of the highest success rates at DMV hearing among all local law firms.  Give
the attorney a call to discuss our innovative approaches and strategies that
can result in allowing you to keep your license following a drunk driving
arrest in El Segundo.

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