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Have a past indiscretion that keeps coming back to haunt you
whenever you are asked to disclose your history? Does a
criminal conviction come up when someone searches you
online?  In today's tough job market it is more important than
ever to have a clean record.  Employers will undoubtedly
conduct an extensive background check on all applicants.  
We expunge Long Beach Criminal cases under PC 1203.4.  
Your case can be dismissed as long as you have not have
violated the terms of their probation in any way, for example
the person seeking the Long Beach expungement must not
have sustained any new conviction or have been arrested for
any new offense while on probation.

All crimes can be expunged, with the exception of those
crimes excluded by statute and commonly barred  sex
offenses listed under 290 of the Penal Code such as child
molestation.  Notably, the California Appellate Court ruled in
December of 2006 that crimes of "attempt" such as attempted
child molestation can be expunged under California Law.  
Which offenses fall under the exceptions are limited and an
Attorney should be consulted to ensure the particular crime
qualifies.  Many people are unaware of the fact that they can
obtain relief from the lifelong stigma of a criminal conviction
or arrest.  This result can be achieved by a Long Beach
Expungement attorney.

Assuming the condition precedent has been satisfied,  the
next step is to file the petition with the Long Beach Superior
Court requesting that the conviction be expunged from the
defendant's record.  Most Courts require fees be paid to file
the legal petition, in addition the petition must be in the
proper legal form and must be served on the appropriate
agencies in order to be reviewed by the Judge.  A local Long
Beach Lawyer should be retained to be sure the petition for
expungement is filed correctly.  In many cases a judge will
reject an otherwise meritorious petition because the form was
not completed properly or some technical rule was not

Once the Court petition for an expungement has been granted
by the Court, the person can, in most cases, state that he or
she has not been convicted of a crime for purposes of private
employment.  In effect the case will have been dismissed.  
For more information, please refer to Penal Code 1203.4.  In
addition to expungements, our attorneys can file other
motions to seal and destroy arrest records and remove
convictions for all juvenile criminal matters in Long Beach.

Not all lawyers have the same success rate as others, paying
too little to a lawyer for an expungement can result in an
ineffective removal of the criminal charge.

We serve: Long Beach,
San Pedro Attorneys, Wilmington,
Compton, Seal Beach, Harbor City, Signal Hill and all Courts
in Los Angeles County

Call our law firm to handle the task of clearing your old
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