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Have you been arrested for a DUI or Public Intoxication in Hermosa
If your answer is yes we can offer assistance.  Our Hermosa Beach
DUI Attorney, Matthew Ruff has defended literally thousands of  cases in
that local Court.  As such, he knows the Judges and the Prosecutors
involved with your individual case which will give you a distinct advantage
over other driving under the influence attorneys.  The city of Hermosa
Beach spends  more on DUI enforcement than most other municipalities.  If
you are facing a DWI charge, hire the lawyer who has the track record to
win the case.  
25 Years Experience Fighting DUI Charges!

What follows after the arrest?
 First, the case goes to the City Prosecutor's
Office or the District Attorney, if the case involves a felony.  There the
reports are reviewed and a formal complaint is filed with the Los Angeles
Superior Court in Torrance.  In some cases an intervention can be made
with the help of a Defense Attorney to avoid charges being filed.  If charges
are filed the case proceeds to the arraignment where the accused will appear
before a Judge.

What is important to know is that hiring a defense attorney with experience
makes all the difference in the outcome of your case.  Matt strives to get the
client ACQUITTED and found NOT GUILTY whenever possible instead of
shotting for a quick plea bargain or no contest plea in the case.

Problems With Breath Testing:  Testing a person's breath for alcohol is
fraught with problems.  Although most machines work well in theory, when
it comes to actual administration of the test many errors can occur. For
example, mouth alcohol is a big factor.  The machines are designed to
capture a deep lung air sample and when raw alcohol from the mouth exists
it confuses the machine to give a faulty result.  Another big problem in
todays' Covid world is the use of hand sanitizers.  Cops use it frequently and
often have it in the testing room.  When its vapors gets into the air near the
machine problems can occur.  Matt is familiar with all breath testing errors
and can determine whether the test in your case was accurate.

Recent Case Results:  
Matt defended a client charged with DUI and Refusal after he was stopped
for speeding.  The Officers gave him a series of field sobriety tests and
arrested him for drunk driving,  The client allegedly refused to submit to a
chemical test and his license was confiscated.  Matt got the case and put
together a defense alleging errors were made in the investigation.  At a DMV
hearing last week the DMV sided with Matt and SET ASIDE THE

Matthew defended a client arrested in Los Angeles County for DUI after
being pulled over for speeding.  He "failed" the FST exercises and was
offered a breath test that revealed a .12 BAC.  Matt fought the test and
uncovered a violation of the regulations regarding a continuous observation
of the subject.  Based on this, Matthew was able to get the
DUI charges

In another DWI case in Los Angeles Matthew defended an accused drunk
driver coming home from a dinner party and observed weaving by another
motorist who called 911.  The officers arrested the client and took a blood
test that showed a .11 BAC and Matt got hired.  He brought on an expert
and showed the DMV how his client had a "rising blood alcohol level", they
agreed and
returned his license after a hearing.  In Court Matthew got the
DUI charges dropped.

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At the outset, it is important to understand that an arrest for driving while
intoxicated is not a the same as a simple traffic ticket.  The laws governing
DUI make the offense a misdemeanor that carries potential jail time and loss
of your valuable driving privilege.   When a person is arrested for a DUI
many questions and concerns arise regarding the impact the offense will
have on important aspects of their life such as employment, their insurance,
and professional licenses.  Our Hermosa Beach DUI Lawyer can answer
these significant questions and implement a winning strategy to effectively
resolve the case.

DUI Basics-What you Need To Know Right Now:
A DUI case can be broken down into two fundamental components.  First,
is the DMV part of the offense.  This action is initiated when the police
officer takes your drivers license and hands you a notice of
suspension/temporary license (This is the pink document with the DMV logo
at the top).  When this paperwork is sent to the Department of Motor
Vehicles they open a file and start the proceedings to suspend your license.  
The license suspension case is administartive in nature and is not part of the
criminal case that will take place in the Torrance Court.  In fact,  all DMV
hearings for DUI citations originating in Hermosa Beach go to the El
Segundo Driver Safety Office at 390 N. Sepulveda Blvd.  So what do you
need to do?  The law mandates that a DMV hearing be requested within 10
calendar days of the arrest in order to effectuate your right to challenge the
license suspension.  Failure to request a hearing will forever foreclose your
right to save your driving privilege.

The second component of a DUI case is the criminal charges that stem from
the arrest.  Namely, VC23152A and VC23152B.  These charges are the
violations listed on your ticket and the booking sheet your were given after
your release from jail.  Your case will be sent to Division 5 of the South
Bay/Torrance Court on Maple.  As local Hermosa Beach DUI Attorneys, we
can go to Court for you and handle all aspects of the criminal prosecution.  
The basic law in the area is as follows:  One, as it pertains to the "A" charge,
the prosecutor must prove you were so impaired by the use of alcohol or
drugs or both that you could "no longer drive a motor vehicle with the
caution characteristic of a sober person" under the same circumstances.  
This is the exact language contained in the instructions given at trial.  This
proof is usually drawn from the arresting officer's observations of driving
and his conclusions about your performance on the field sobriety tests.  An
experienced Hermosa Beach DUI Attorney can often poke holes in these
tests and raise a reasonable doubt about the evidence presented concerning
impairment.  Lastly, because our office in located in the South Bay, we
know that the officers use three different types of breath testing machines,
the Alco Sensor IV, the Datamaster CDM and the newest, Datamaster
DMT.  Each of these devices has inherent problems that we are familiar
with and can exploit for our client's benefit.

The second prong of the criminal DUI charges is the 23152B allegation,
otherwise known in the legal community as the "B" count.  This charge
requires that the prosecutor prove that your blood alcohol level was at or
above a .08% at the time of driving.  This standard is the maximum
allowable not only in Hermosa Beach, but it is the limit the state of
California allows while operating a motor vehicle.  Some of the issues that
often arise with regard to this count are problems with the machine used to
test for alcohol, failure on the officer's part to administer the test in
accordance with the regulations, mouth alcohol contamination and
affirmative defenses such as a "rising blood alcohol level".  Form the
perspective of a DUI Attorney in Hermosa Beach, any case can be defended
if the evidence shows that mistakes were made, protacol was not followed or
if the client was in a condition that made testing unreliable.  The bottom line
is that cops are human just like everyone else and humans make mistakes, it
is incumbent upon your defense attorney to find those mistakes and exploit
them to get a favorable result.

If you are looking for a skilled, experienced DUI Attorney in Hermosa
Beach we are the law firm you need.  Our lawyer consistently is able to
obtain dismissals of driving under the influence charges and win set asides of
DMV license actions.  Utilizing the latest in scientific principles relating to
breath and blood testing, we attack the chemical test with amazing results.  
Hermosa Beach DUI Lawyer also investigates the reason for the initial
traffic stop by the police, looking for constitutional rights violations.  In fact,
just recently we won a dismissal of a local DUI case in Court arguing that
our client was pulled over without probable cause, the Judge agreed and the
case was thrown out despite a blood alcohol level of .17%.  

When you or a loved one needs an aggressive DUI defense attorney to fight
your Hermosa Beach case call and ask to speak directly with attorney
Matthew Ruff today.  He promises that you will leave the conversation with
honest answers to you questions and hopefully some hope that your case
can be won.  The laws pertaining to drunk driving and DWI are constantly
changing and complex, you need a lawyer that is an expert in DUI defense
and knows what steps to take to keep the arrest from evolving into a black
mark on your permanent record.

In addition to new arrests, we can recall and quash outstanding arrest
warrants and failures to appear on Hermosa Beach DUI cases.  All of these
cases are heard in the Torrance Courthouse and Matt is local to this Court.
If you live out of state our attorney can go to Court for you in many
instances saving you needless travel, especially in this time of Covid-19.

It is important to understand that legal advice pertaining to a specific case
should be obtained during a one on one meeting with a lawyer.  One should
be cautioned to construe general information on a legal topic as actual advice
or direction.  Anyone charged with a DUI in Hermosa Beach should
promptly seek an appointment with an attorney to cover the specifics of the
DUI Attorney in Long Beach.

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