Involved in a hit and run in Long Beach?  The choices you make in the next
few hours are going to determine the outcome of the case.  If you make the
wrong decision you could be facing criminal charges, if the right decision is
made you could see a favorable outcome.  First, you need an experienced hit
and run lawyer in Long Beach that can navigate the case and ensure a
positive result.  Matthew Ruff has over 25 years experience defending these
cases and is TOP Rated in the Country.

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Hit and Run is a criminal offense in California but it can happen to anyone,
even good decent people who panic and make a bad decision in a stressful
situation.  If you were involved in a hit and run you have two choices:

1.  You can continue to stress out, worry, lose sleep and suffer endless bouts
of anxiety by doing nothing and hoping it will all just go away on its own, or:

2.  You can hire a professional with 25 years experience resolving hit and run
cases and can alleviate your stress and worry, take over for you so you do
not have to lie, make up stories and possibly exacerbate the situation by
committing fraud on your own insurance company or file a false police report.

Accused of allegations of hit and run?   With over 25 years experience,
Matthew can help.  You likely have many questions and concerns.  Should
you talk to the police?  What should you do?  The safe answer from a legal
perspective is that anyone accused of a crime should exercise the right to
remain silent.   If you have received a letter from the CHP, LAPD or a
"Detective Watt" from the LBPD  contact us immediately to discuss your
options.  We can act as your advocate and often insulate you from having to
speak to law enforcement or insurance companies. Call us and allow us to
deal with the problem for you.

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Commonly, an individual who has been involved in a hit and run will falsely
report that their vehicle has been stolen or is missing.  The report will usually
follow the accident and can subject the individual to  additional charges of
filing a false police report, which in and of itself is a felony offense.  It is
never a good idea to compound the crime by engaging in this conduct.  The
hit and run charge is serious enough and often the police will easily be able to
see through the report as a way of covering a person's tracks.  It is
recommended instead that the person immediately retain the services of a
good, local, experienced attorney who can meet with the police and minimize
or avoid altogether criminal prosecution.  In many cases the evidence may
place the person at the scene and
eyewitnesses identification may exist that
could implicate the person in the crime.

For well over a decade we have been successfully representing people
accused of hit and run.  Many times criminal charges can be avoided if the
damages are covered and the injured party is made whole.  In fact, the law
recognizes that a "civil compromise" can be effectuated thereby discharging
an otherwise guilty party from
criminal prosecution.  

Recently, the attorney was retained to represent a young man in the Long
Beach area after he was involved in a motor vehicle accident and had fled the
scene.  The Lawyer took immediate steps to properly advise the individual on
what and what not to do.  The lawyer contacted law enforcement on behalf
of the client and arranged to have the vehicle released from police impound.  
Thereafter, the lawyer communicated with the client's insurance company
and resolved the issue of damages and compensation for the vehicle.  No
criminal hit and run charges were ever filed against the client.

In another recent case, our attorney was retained by a local college student
who had been charged with a hit and run in Long Beach after she bumped a
car in a parking lot and left without contacting the owner or the police.  The
client was studying to be a pharmacist and was terrified that a conviction for
a fleeing the scene of an accident might derail her career plans.  The lawyer
was determined to get the charges dismissed.  After the first attempt to obtain
a civil compromise were unsuccessful, the attorney set the case for trial and
got all charges dismissed, no fines, no fees, no probation, no criminal
record, completely dismissed!

In yet another hit and run case, our lawyer was hired by a individual that was
visiting the area on business.  The person had plowed into a wall in the
parking structure at a Long Beach Hotel causing over
ten thousand dollars
in damage.
 The lawyer worked out a civil compromise with the victim and
got all charges
dropped in Court, the client who lived in Northern California
never had to travel back to Court.

Most recently, attorney Matthew Ruff obtained a complete dismissal of
felony charges of hit and run by a non-citizen client.  He was driving an
employer's vehicle when he collided with another motorist causing the driver
to sustain a broken pelvis.  Our client was facing state prison time and
deportation, however, by utilizing specific legal strategies, the lawyer
got the
entire case dismissed.

If you or a loved one has been involved as the driver of a vehicle where a hit
and run has taken place, contact our
Long Beach Hit and Run Defense
Lawyer for a one on one discreet consultation.  You may have received a
letter in the mail from  the Long Beach City Prosecutor, telling you the city
has filed criminal charges against you resulting from an accident
investigation.  We can appear in Court for you, even if you live out of the

Our Long Beach and Signal Hill hit and run attorney can also help if the hit
and run charges involve
DUI, outstanding bench or arrest warrant in another
drug possession, prior felony strikes, or a situation where you cannot go
to Court due to some exigency or residence out of state. We also deal with
drunk driving related accidents, call our
Lakewood DUI Attorney for
immediate assistance.

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Criminal Defense Lawyers can help for offenses in the Harbor area.

Our track record in successfully resolving hit and run cases is without
question the best in the community.  However, the success in getting charges
dropped or dismissed depends upon how quickly the accused hires a lawyer
to assist them.  If you have been accused of hit and run in the Long Beach
CA area do not delay contacting and hiring legal counsel to represent you.  

Attorney Matthew Ruff has a near 100 percent success rate in getting hit and
run criminal charges dropped or avoided as long as he is contacted soon after
the event.

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