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Arrested on the Palos Verdes Peninsula?
Attorney Matthew Ruff can help.  For well over 25 years he has been
defending the wrongfully accused in alll manner of crimes, DUI, Domestic
Violence, Drug Possession, Reckless Driving, Underage Drinking and
Alcohol Possession, etc.  A Criminal Defense Attorney  on your side can give
you the advantage necessary for a prompt and favorable resolution of your
case.  In cases such as drunk driving for example, there are immediate
measures that must be undertaken in order to save your drivers license at the
DMV.  Failure to take an arrest seriously can irreparably harm your chances
of removing the incident from your record.

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All arrests occurring on the  Palos Verdes Peninsula  are prosecuted in the
Torrance Court on Maple.  Most criminal prosecutions are initiated by the
Los Angeles District Attorneys Office and are heard in Division 2 of the same
Court.  With regard to DUI prosecutions, the Courts no longer get involved
in the  suspension  of a  person's drivers license as of 2009.   All license
suspension actions go directly through the DMV and the local driver safety
office in El Segundo.  Typically, when a driver is released from custody he
or she is issued a notice that explains the license suspension process and the
rights involved.  The law  provides that a DMV hearing must be requested no
later than 10 days from the time of arrest.

Palos Verdes
DUI Attorney Matthew Ruff has defended thousands of DUI
cases over the course of his 25 plus years  of practicing law,  and has
personally litigated an equal number of DMV license suspension hearings
with unparalleled results.  Among the many types of hearings he has handled
are:  Refusal allegations, Under 21  zero tolerance proceedings, Forced Blood
tests, DUI with injury, Child Endangerment and Drug intoxication such as
marijuana and prescription pills.

Problems With Breath Testing in Palos Verdes:  Over the last 25 years
Attorney Matthew Ruff has fought and won many drunk driving charges due
to faulty breath tests.  The biggest problem with the testing done in DWI
cases is the human error component.  For example, many times the cop will
rush the testing process and fail to comply with the observation requirements
set forth under California Law.  When a regulatory rule is ignored it
invalidates the integrity of the sample.  More recently, Matt has seen
problems in the Covid Age due to the use of alcohol based hand sanitizers.  
Many Departments allow the use of these products in the testing room which
can contaminate the sample and invalidate the results.  

Three major law enforcement agencies patrol and enforce the criminal laws
in the Palos Verdes communities.  The first and perhaps most prominent is
the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department, Lomita Division.  This agency
is charged with the duties of patrolling all of Rancho Palos Verdes, Rolling
Hills and Rolling Hills Estates.   The LAPD patrols the outskirts of RPV
along the
San Pedro coast and lastly is the Palos Verdes Estates Police

An arrest for a criminal charge does not have to end in a conviction or
permanent scar on your record.  Criminal Defense Attorney, Matthew Ruff
has been defending decent folks accused of  crimes in the local community
and he has the experience, background and winning track record to help
resolve your situation.

Matt has over 25 years experience fighting for the rights of those accused
of criminal charges, Matt is a member of the National College of DUI
Defense and was awarded the recognition of being one of the TOP 10 BEST
Attorneys nationwide.

Recent examples of cases Matt has defended:

Case Example 1:  Our client was arrested after crashing her car in Palos
Verdes Estates.  The police report alleged that she had struck a parked car
and a mailbox before ending up in the driveway of her PVE home.  The
District Attorney charged her with  DUI and  hit and run,  her BAC was
reportedly above the legal limit along with the accusation of drug
intoxication.  Matthew represented her in the Torrance Court and was able
get the hit and run charges dismissed and the DUI charges reduced and she
kept her license.

Case Example 2:  Our client was arrested in Rolling Hills Estates after a 911
call of domestic violence.  The client was arrested and taken to the Lomita
Sheriff station and released after posting $50,000 bail.  The client retained
Matthew who immediately commenced an aggressive defense.  All charges
were dismissed in Court.

Case Example 3:  Our client, under 21, was arrested in Palos Verdes Estates
after being pulled over for running a stop sign.  The officers suspected the
client was DUI and initiated a field investigation.  A breath test revealed a
BAC level above the legal limit.  Alcohol was found in the vehicle.  Attorney
Ruff fought the case at the DMV  and in Court.  Result:  DMV hearing was
successful, suspension set aside and all charges dropped in Court.

Case Example 4:  Our client was arrested by the LASD in Rancho Palos
Verdes and charged with drug possession.  The client had a good job and
was terrified at the prospect of having a criminal conviction for drugs on his
record.  Matthew went into Court and negotiated a disposition to have the
case dismissed and all records destroyed after completion of drug education

Case Example 5:  Matthew was retained by a father of a client that lived in
Rancho Palos Verdes.  His son was arrested by an El Segundo police officer
in Manhattan Beach at a sobriety checkpoint.  The young man took a breath
test and blew above the legal limit.  The attorney took the case to Court and
exonerated the defendant.  He then took the Court disposition to the DMV
and got the zero tolerance action set aside bet the Sacramento Driver Safety

Case Example 6:  Matt defended a resident of the Peninsula after she crashed
her car into another vehicle in Lunada Bay.  The occupant claimed over
$100K of medical bills as a result of the accident.  Matt avoided a Felony
DUI with Injury and resolved the case for a misdemeanor non injury drunk
driving for informal probation and a fine.

If you have been charged with any type of criminal case in or around the PV
Peninsula attorney Matthew Ruff can help.  Many people arrested in Palos
Verdes live in one of the adjoining communities and fall prey to the speed
traps and other practices employed by the local Police Departments

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