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Have a San Pedro Criminal or DUI Case?  Matthew Ruff
has been successfully representing good hard working folks
accused, often falsely, of all manner of criminal charges
including:  DUI, Drunk Driving, DWI, Driving Under the
Influence of both alcohol and drugs or both., Hit and Run
accidents, drug possession.  Matthew also handles all felony
charges such as robbery, burglary, theft, assault with a deadly
weapon, DUI with injury, Domestic Violence accusations,
among many others.

We can appear for you in the  San Pedro Court  or the Long
Beach Superior Court.  Most DUI charges are heard in
Division 8 of the Long Beach Court, all felony charges begin
in Division J and all other offenses originating in the San
Pedro municipality usually go to Division 7 of the Superior
Court. We can clear old warrants and expunge past criminal
convictions thereby cleaning your record for employment
purposes. We fight  and can work to get criminal charges

Did you know that Matt can STOP the DMV suspension
following a drunk driving arrest if you contact him ASAP,  
Matt has the highest win rate for DMV Hearings due to
excessive BAC, Refusal, Under 21 Zero Tolerance,
Commercial Drivers.  

Did you know there are at least 20 possible defenses that can
be raised to challenge the breath or blood test in your case?  
For example, in many cases the officer fails to comply with
the requisite State Regulations pertaining to the collection of a
breath sample.  A mandatory observation period to rule out
mouth alcohol is crucial to a scientifically valid sample.  In
addition in our Covid times there are potential issues with the
use of hand sanitizers which can contaminate the breath test in
the testing room.

If you have been arrested in the city of San Pedro and are
facing criminal charges in Long Beach Court, we can help.  
Put our 25 plus years of defense experience to work on your

Whether you are looking for a San Pedro CA DUI Lawyer, or
a criminal defense attorney familiar with San Pedro cases and
arrests made by the LAPD, you have come to the right place.

In one recent case, Attorney Matthew Ruff defended a case
that originated in San Pedro.  The client was charged with
multiple felony counts following a fight at the Ports of Call on
the waterfront.  The client was facing years in prison but the
lawyer worked out a disposition that involved no jail and
would eventually earn the client a misdemeanor.

In another recent case Matt defended an underage driver
involved in a crash on the 110 near the Vincent Thomas
Bridge, Matt punched some holes in the case and got the DUI
charges DISMISSED thereby saving the client from having to
install an ignition interlock in his car.

In another case, the client was arrested for a DUI in downtown
San Pedro.  The case was heard in Long Beach Court where
Matthew got the charges dropped for a reduced charge of
reckless driving.

Over the last 25 years our Criminal Lawyers  and attorneys
have defended cases originating in San Pedro such as drug
possession coming off a cruise ship into the port of Los
Angeles, importation of illegal substances from Mexico,  
drunk in public or intoxication, arrests on the waterfront and in
the marina area, boating violations in the San Pedro harbor,
tickets issued on the 110 freeway or DUI arrests on the
Vincent Thomas Bridge, Criminal Customs violations,  the list
is too long to mention.

Contact our office today for a free consultation and case
review.  You will speak directly with a San Pedro Criminal
Defense Attorney that will handle your case, not some "case
manager" or paralegal.  

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We offer discount fees for ILWU, longshoremen, truck drivers,
San Pedro dockworkers, maritime workers and most other
union members.  Our San Pedro Criminal Defense Attorney is
available to sit down and discuss the details of your case.  
Your options can be explained, and a course can be charted to
achieve a dismissal of your DUI case or any other criminal
charge in San Pedro.

With regard to driving while intoxicated cases, the law has
special provisions that are unrelated to the criminal charge of
VC 23152.  A conviction for DUI in San Pedro or any other
city could jeopardize employment opportunities in the future,
could negatively impact applications for Federal security
clearances and other required classifications.

If you have a DUI arrest pending, you must contact a lawyer
within 10 days to have a fair chance of avoiding a DMV
license suspension.  All San Pedro drunk driving arrests go to
El Segundo for a DMV hearing unless you live outside of Los
Angeles County, in those cases the attorney can get a hearing
in your home county.

A new Courthouse has been built in Long Beach and with that
is a new courtroom for all cases coming out San Pedro.  The
City Attorneys have implemented new policies pertaining to
DUI and drunk driving offenses so call the attorney today to
discuss your case and your options before your arraignment.  

Matt is a long time member of the prestigious National
College of DUI Defense, he is a Top Rated Lawyer
Nationwide and has one of the highest success rates of any
defense attorney serving San Pedro California.

Can my case be fought and won?  This is a question that is
unique to everyone's particular situation.  The law allows an
accused to have their day in Court and present defenses, but
more importantly it requires that the State of California prove
you guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.  Matt is skilled at
raising that doubt in certain cases by challenging the evidence
and getting creative with the facts and circumstances in your
case.  Call Matt today to discuss the specifics of your arrest.

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