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If you or someone you care about has been arrested for DUI in
Signal Hill California, Matt can help.  Matt also defends all other
criminal charges in the city.

Matt can go to Court for you in most cases. The Court where most of
the cases are sent is in Long Beach which is part of the Los Angeles
Superior Court system.  Matt has defended hundreds of cases in
that Court because he has 25 years experience as a Top Criminal
Defense Lawyer.

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Matthew is Nationally Recognized as a Top DUI Lawyer because he
has been trained on the science behind the breath machines and
blood testing equipment used in your case.  Matt also is trained on
how to administer FST tests and how to unearth mistakes that police
officers make when they conduct them in the field.

Recent Case Result
Matt defended a client arrested after he was involved in a collision in
Long Beach where he struck 3 parked cars.  The Police had him
perform FST exercises which they say he failed.  They also smelled
alcohol and alleged he had slurred speech and an unsteady gait.  At
the station he blew a .17 BAC twice on the machine and was
charged with DUI.  Matt immediately got a DMV hearing and
obtained the reports in the case.  Because of Matt's extensive
experience in fighting DUI he was able to find problems in how the
breath test was given and presented that evidence to the DMV.  The
hearing officer agreed with Matt and SET ASIDE the license

If you or a loved one is facing a Signal Hill DUI arrest or any other
criminal charge, call Matt immediately to discuss your rights,
defenses and options.  For over 25 years Matt has been winning
cases by fighting false allegation, lying witnesses (including Police
Officers) and persuading Juries that the evidence is insufficient for a
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