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Are you or someone close to you facing a DUI charge in Torrance?  
You will want a lawyer with an office near the Court, someone who knows
the local system and has tried many cases in that Court. The extra edge you
get from a local attorney cannot be understated. Torrance DUI Attorney
Matthew Ruff  has over 25 years of actual in-court experience fighting drunk
driving allegations.  In addition, Matthew has extensive experience with the
local DMV and enjoys a high success rate for suspension hearings associated
with the DUI arrest.  If you are looking for a Top Rated Torrance DUI
Attorney, Matthew is your guy.

Torrance Police have a well-known reputation for aggressive enforcement of
drunk driving.  Indeed, among all of the cities in the South Bay, Torrance
boasts one of the highest arrest rates for driving under the influence cases.  
Through the use of DUI checkpoints and roving patrols, local law
enforcement is very diligent, sometimes even over-zealous in stopping and
detaining motorists believed to be driving while impaired.

What Should I Do Right Now?
Acting quickly is critical when it comes to a DUI arrest.  Pursuant to
California Law (
Vehicle Code 13353.2),  a person arrested for alcohol
related drunk driving must ask for a
DMV hearing no later than 10 calendar
not working days,  to avoid the mandatory loss of the driver's license.  
If the grace period passes and no hearing is demanded then the Department
will initiate a suspension that could last as long as 2 years depending on the
number of prior convictions or separate administrative actions on the
person's record.  Our Torrance DUI Attorney will personally request the
formal hearing on your behalf and make the necessary demands for items of
discovery such as the arresting officer's police report, any videotapes or
audio recording, in addition to the breath or blood test results and all
associated records relating to the maintenance and accuracy of the particular
machine used in your case.  

Secondly, Attorney Matthew Ruff will go to Court on your behalf and
answer the criminal charges filed, if any. The typical criminal code violations
relevant to a  DUI are Vehicle Code section 23152a,  and driving with a
.08% or higher VC23152b.   These are the charges that can usually be found
on the citation issued to the accused after release, or found on the booking
sheet given to the arrestee by the Torrance Jail.

How Can You Fight a Breath Test?  Everything in the law is susceptible to
challenge.  When it comes to blood alcohol breath testing the challenge is to
the reliability and validity of the test itself.  In California the law regulates
BAC tests and that law governs how and it what manner the testing should
be done.  One common attack is that the sample collected was contaminated
with "mouth alcohol".  Simply put, a breath sample for drinking alcohol must
be captured from "deep lung air"  if the sample contains any alcohol coming
up from the stomach from a burp or belch it is considered invalid.  
Unfortunately, most cops fail to perform the required observation period
which gives attorneys an argument that the sample is untrustworthy.

With over 25 years of experience defending driving under in influence
charges, the attorney knows the laws like the back of his hand and can use
the law to your advantage by finding breakdowns in protocol and uncovering
the failure of the officer to follow applicable regulations and legal
requirements in your case.  It must be understood that the state has the
burden of proof when it comes to finding you guilty and the defense need
only raise a reasonable doubt as the that guilt in order to obtain an acquittal
of all charges.  Torrance DUI Lawyer, Matthew Ruff has an impeccable
track record in DWI cases and uses his skill and experience to resolve your
case in a favorable manner.

Why did I get a paper from the DMV?
The arresting officer is required to serve anyone who is arrested for a DUI
with a notice of suspension of their driving privilege.  The law mandates that
the agency send that paperwork to a local driver safety office within a certain
number of days after the incident.  Once they receive the documents
pertaining to the investigation they will initiate a suspension on the driver's
DMV record unless a formal hearing contesting the action is requested within
10 days after release.

What if I was in an accident, how should I deal with my insurance?
First of all, unlike the image they portray on TV, most insurance companies
are in it for themselves and their shareholders.  Although they owe each
insured a duty to cover losses, if there is a way to "squirm out" of paying
they will often find it. With regards to DUI, some insurers have exclusions
that limit the payout for loss if the insured is determined to be driving under
the influence at the time of the incident.  For example, in one recent
Torrance DUI case the firm handled the client was told he would be covered
for liability but the company would
not cover damage to his vehicle under the
collision portion of the policy since he was driving drunk.  Therefore, our
advice is to hire a DUI attorney in Torrance to field calls from your
insurance company and insure that your rights are protected in the sense that
you do not make damaging admissions to the adjuster during the "recorded
statement" about the accident.

Matthew has over 25 years experience fighting drunk driving and drug basd
DWI charges in the State of California.  Matt is a member of the National
College of DUI Defense, is Top Rated by AVVO and is FST trained using
NHTSA standards, just like the cops that arrested you.  Therefore, Matt
knows how to beat your case and win the DMV hearing.

If you have been issued a citation for drunk driving in or around the
Torrance area, call the attorney for a discreet and honest evaluation of your
case.  The consultation is free and you have nothing to lose but worry and
stress.  Inasmuch as we are local, we can go to Court for you in most cases
so you do not have to take time off from work or travel back to the county.  
If you missed your Court date and need to have a bench warrant recalled, we
can set up a conference with the Judge and D.A. and take care of your
outstanding Failure to appear.

A DUI conviction can be avoided if you act quickly.  Hire the local Torrance
Attorney, not someone who has to drive from the valley, Beverly Hills or
Downtown Los Angeles to make your Court Appearances.

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