Our office practices criminal defense exclusively. Attorney Matthew Ruff
provides representation in all Los Angeles County Courts, including El
Segundo (LAX Court), Manhattan Beach, Redondo Beach, Hermosa Beach
(Torrance Court), and Long Beach Superior Court.

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Examples of cases we handle are DUI arrest  DWI Drunk Driving, Long
Beach Domestic Violence including spousal abuse and battery on a
cohabitant. Child Endangerment such as where children are left in a locked
vehicle or are present when a person is driving drunk. Suspended License
cases resulting from a DUI conviction, a negligent operator suspension or due
to a failure to appear on a ticket. DMV Hearings arising from an alcohol
incident or having too many points on your driving record as well as senior
suspensions from medical issues or accidents.  Refusal to take a chemical test
at the time of being arrested for driving under the influence.  The law states a
person can potentially lose their license for one year if they are found to have
"refused" a chemical test.  Suppression of statements due to
Miranda Rights

Drug Possession charges from simple possession to manufacturing and
transportation of controlled substances.   Long Beach Reckless Driving
accusations due to high speeds and erratic driving or racing a motor vehicle or
exhibition of speed.  
Three Strikes Defense, Over 100 mph violations which
if sustained could result in two points on your DMV record and loss of
driving privilege.   Commercial tickets Hazmat Traffic Offenses, Petty and
Grand Theft depending on the dollar amount of the items taken, Failure to
appear, Warrant Recall, Expungement of past criminal convictions under
Penal code section 1203.4 or petition to destroy arrest records.
Charges  and marijuana tickets from less than one ounce or having small
amounts in a motor vehicle.

Over the last two decades our law firm has been meritorious in defeating
many criminal prosecutions for the unlawful use of marijuana. Cannabis for
medical reasons defense as well as dismissals for valid doctor's prescription.
Sales and intent to sell allegations.  Evading Police, Resisting Arrest, Long
Beach CA
Hit and Run where damage is caused and no exchange of
information takes place, Assault, Battery.  
Illegal Arrest or unlawful stop and

Probation Violation hearings for failure to complete counseling or not
reporting as ordered by the Court,  Misdemeanors and Felony cases.

Investigation and mitigation of potential criminal charges.

Under 977 of the Penal Code, we can appear on your behalf on most Long
Beach DUI,  traffic,
San Pedro Criminal Charges and misdemeanor offenses.

In many  cases we can get the original criminal charge dismissed, reduced or
lower the punishment and you may not need to ever appear in the
Beach Superior Court.  The attorney also handles cases in surrounding
communities such as the South Bay.  This is possible due to the fact we have
two offices, one in Torrance, which allows the lawyer to handle
DUI cases as well as drunk driving defense in Manhattan Beach and all the
adjacent cities.

Our goal in representing our clients is to get the case dismissed because we
know the consequences, including the embarrassment and stigma associated
with a criminal conviction.  Visit and follow
Matthew Ruff on google plus.

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