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Arrested for DUI or other criminal charges and stressing out as to what to
do? With over
25 years of experience, Long Beach Attorney Matthew Ruff
has the skill set necessary to fight and win your DUI or criminal case.  An
arrest does not have to mean you are convicted or ruin your permanent
record, you have the right to due process and the right to a lawyer who can
present effective defenses to the Court and DMV in order to get your case
DISMISSED.  The bottom line is that you only get one chance to defend
your charges and choosing the right counsel is the biggest and most important
legal decision you will be facing.  Call Matt today for a free one on one
consultation to go over the details of your offense and explain your best
options moving forward.  If you need a Long Beach DUI Lawyer, call the
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Recent Case Reviews:
Matthew Ruff was retained by a young man facing driving under the
influence charges after he crashed his car near Willow and Magnolia after
leaving a bar.  The officers observed unsteady gait and bloodshot eyes along
with an odor of alcoholic beverage on his breath.  He was arrested and taken
to the Jail for a breath test which was .19, .18 BAC.  Matt set up a DMV
hearing and prepared the case, at the hearing he presented evidence the
breath test was faulty and the Commerce DMV Hearing Officer agreed and
set aside the suspension, license returned September 2020.

Matt was hired to represent a young man arrested on the 110 Freeway near
San Pedro after he was involved in a minor collision.  The client was under
21 and blew a .11 BAC on the breath test.  Matt obtained the records on the
case and found some mistakes in the protocol.  Based on his investigation he
got the DUI charges dismissed in Court.

Matthew defended a client accused of drunk driving in Long Beach after he
was stopped by the CHP downtown near Pine.  The officers pulled him over
for talking on a cellphone and smelled alcohol on his breath.  He was given
various field sobriety tests and arrested.  A breath test at the jail showed a .09
and .10 BAC.  Matt fought the case all the way to jury trial, showed the test
was faulty and the client was acquitted of all charges.

On October 13, 2020 Matthew got ALL CHARGES DISMISSED in a
Felony reckless driving case out of Redondo Beach.  The clients was facing
mandatory prison time because the DA alleged a great bodily injury
enhancement and the client had 3 prior DUI convictions.  Matt hired an
expert, tore apart the evidence and persuaded the DA to drop the charges!

On August 3, 2020 Matt got a Domestic Violence Case Dismissed where the
DA alleged our client assaulted his wife during an argument.  The allegations
involved a heated exchange where the client also damaged property.  
Following a period where the client got counseling and stayed out of trouble,

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If I am arrested for driving under the influence, how will this affect my
 In California, the State will seek to suspend your driving privileges
immediately pursuant to the APS laws.  This is separate from any Court
action.  In order to protect your drivers license a demand for hearing must be
filed with the local DMV Driver Safety Office within 10 calendar days.  Top
Long Beach DUI Lawyer Matthew Ruff has experience in well over 1000
DMV Hearings and knows the defenses that work

The Long Beach DUI Attorney represented a client charged with his second
DUI in 10 years.  The client was arrested after a collision where his car
struck another vehicle and ended up flipping over on to the sidewalk.  The
driver of the vehicle that he struck complained of pain to her neck.  The
client was contacted by Long Beach police, given a variety of field sobriety
tests and subsequently arrested.  His blood was taken at the hospital and later
tests revealed a .30 BAC.  Given that the arrest was his second in 10 years
he was charged with DUI with a prior and the offer was 60 days in jail.  
Matthew came on board and challenged various aspects of the arrest and
blood test.  Ultimately a deal was negotiated that involved NO JAIL TIME.  

Question of the Day, Should I take a Plea Bargain Or Go To Trial?
This is probably the most asked question that anyone asks when charged
with a criminal case in Long Beach or anywhere else.  It is important to
understand that there are two basic types of bargains.  First, is a
bargain.  Here the DA and the defense attorney will negotiate the sentence
that will be imposed if a defendant pleads guilty or no contest.  Second, is a
Charge Bargain.  Here, an agreement can be reached to drop certain charges
or counts in exchange for a plea.  Both plea bargains are common and the
particular pros and cons of entering into one is based on the individual facts
of the case.  Speak to a lawyer before deciding whether to accept any deal in
a given case.  In some cases deals can be struck for a complete dismissal of
all charges, this is called a "conditional dismissal" or diversion.

Matthew knows the Local Long Beach Judicial system from the inside out
having actually tried and won criminal jury trials and having cases dismissed
for clients who did not deserve to have the stigma of a criminal conviction on
their permanent record.   Let's face it, being arrested and charged with a
criminal offense  is without a doubt one of the most stressful and
embarrassing experiences anyone can encounter.  Having the best and
brightest criminal attorney on your side and fighting for you can make all the
difference.  Matthew treats all clients like family.

What should you look for in a Long Beach Criminal Defense
 For starters, someone who is local and knows the South
L.A./Long Beach justice system.  Second, someone that has a  winning track
record  on cases similar to yours.  Avoid hiring a lawyer just based on some
slick advertising or flashy video.  Avoid hiring an attorney that will hand your
case off to someone else who is fresh out of law school.

If you or a loved one has been or may be arrested you need a LOCAL,
EXPERIENCED, AGGRESSIVE  criminal attorney on your side.  Defending
persons charged in the Los Angeles Superior Court in Long Beach is what I
do.  My philosophy is to zealously protect my client's constitutional rights in
Court and pursue all available legal defenses necessary to get the charges
against my client DISMISSED.  

Some of the LONG BEACH CASES I have handled over the years are: Drug
Possession (both personal use and possession for sale), illegal arrest,  
transportation, manufacturing, and distribution of narcotics; Drunk Driving,
driving while impaired
DUI and driving under the influence of drugs in Long
Beach and Los Angeles County; Three Strikes cases; False Rape charges ,
Domestic Violence, including spousal abuse, assault and battery, criminal
threats; DMV License suspension hearings,  
public intoxication , lewd act in
public stemming from a police sting operation, Administrative Per Se
Suspensions in  the surrounding areas; Felony Charges, Gang Crimes,
Solicitation of Prostitution stemming from police sting operations and
Acts in Public Allegations; Hit and Run, Probation Violations and Warrant
recall cases as well as Cruise Ship arrests in both San Pedro and Long Beach

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Unique to private practice, in most cases we can go to Court for you so you
don't have to.  Having a local Long Beach Criminal Attorney showing up for
you means that your case will be well positioned to obtain the right
disposition, including  dismissal,  getting your breath test thrown out, reduced
criminal charges, plea bargains, trial, diversionary sentences, civil
compromise, insufficiency of evidence, conditional dismissal, among many
others.  I can also file the necessary motions to have our client  RELEASED
FROM JAIL  pending the Court appearance by getting Bail reduced or
arrange for a release on the person's "own recognizance" if held in the Long
Beach Jail or in the Los Angeles County Inmate Detention Center.  We serve
all cities within the jurisdiction, including
Signal Hill, San Pedro, Wilmington,
Belmont Shores, Catalina Island, Queen Mary and the Pike.

Past Case Results
Case # 1: Our Lawyer was hired by a young woman that lives in Gardena but
was arrested in Long Beach near Colorado and Bellflower Blvd by the
L.B.P.D. for driving under the influence.  She was asked to submit to a
breath or blood test but refused.  The officer took her license and marked her
down as a "refusal" to the DMV who subsequently began the process to
suspend her license for 1 year.  We were hired proved at the DMV hearing
that the police had insufficient evidence to arrest her for DUI, her license was
returned (suspension set aside).

Case# 2:  Matthew was retained by the parents of a young man attending
Long Beach University.  He was stopped by LBPD for "tailgating" and was
subsequently arrested for a DUI, his breath result was .12%.  The attorney
fought the case in Court and was able to negotiate a dismissal of the DUI and
a reduction to a lesser charge of "wet reckless", thereby avoiding a
mandatory ignition interlock in his car and other onerous penalties.

Case# 3:  We were hired by a local Long Beach student that had been
charged with hit and run after leaving the scene of an accident.  The client
was close to graduating and was terrified about being convicted of a criminal
offense and having to disclose this to potential employers.  Adding to her
stress was the fact that she had initially decided to go with the public
defender who was unable to resolve the charges.  Upon being retained we
aggressively fought the case and got all charges dismissed.

Case# 4: We were hired by a member of the armed forces charged with
solicitation of prostitution in long beach.  A conviction would have ruined his
military career.    Our attorney met with the Prosecution and negotiated a
complete dismissal of all charges thereby sparing our client the consequences
and stigma of a criminal record.

Case# 5: Mr. Ruff was hired by a young man charged with Domestic
Violence (PC 273.5 and 243e1).  The incident involved a argument which
evolved to a 911 call to the police by the angry wife.  False statements were
made in the report. As a Long Beach Criminal Attorney who knows the
system, Mr. Ruff fought the case and obtained an acquittal (not guilty) on all
counts at jury trial.  The exoneration kept the client's criminal record clean.

Case#6:  Matthew Ruff took on a case where the client was arrested on PCH
in Harbor City by the LAPD for Solicitation of Prostitution (647b).  Matthew
got the entire case dismissed (no conviction on client's record) in Division 1
of the Long Beach Court.

Case#7:  Dismissal of Possession of ammunition at Long Beach Airport.

Case#8:  Dismissal of Public Intoxication Charges in Huntington Beach.

Call the Long Beach Criminal Attorney to discuss your case and all your
options.  Get honest information on how he can help.  Ask to speak directly
with the Lawyer, you will not be "passed off" to a paralegal or attorneys
assistant.  Our Law Firm is committed to obtaining a favorable resolution of
your DUI or criminal charge in Court.  

Top Long Beach DUI Lawyer Matt Ruff for a complimentary strategy
session and frank talk about what your rights are and the chances of winning
your DWI case, whether it be an alcohol related arrest, marijuana DUID or
refusal allegation we are here to provide the best defense for your case.

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