Actual Long Beach Criminal Case Results
DUI Client charged with drunk driving on Pine, attorney Matthew Ruff saw problems
and he  refused to let his client plead to a "wet reckless". Took case to trial and client was
acquitted (Not Guilty on all Counts). Later, he won the DMV hearing ,license returned.

DUI Checkpoint, .13% Breath Test, Charges Dismissed
Client arrested in Signal Hill at DUI roadblock/sobriety checkpoint.  Mr. Ruff got the DUI
charges dropped in Div.8 of the Long Beach Court.

Domestic Violence Charges, Not Guilty
Attorney Ruff fought DV charges, PC273.5, 243(e)(1) for a client and got an acquittal
after a jury trial, they were persuaded that the alleged victim lied to the police about abuse

Solicitation of Prostitution (P.C.647B), Case Dismissed
Client was arrested in a sting operation by LBPD.  A conviction would destroy his military
career.  Mr. Ruff took the case and negotiated a complete dismissal of the case.

Public Intoxication Case Dismissed
Client was arrested in downtown Long Beach for 647f.  He would lose his job if convicted.  
Matthew sat down with the city prosecutor and worked out a dismissal with no record.

Cruise Ship Arrest for Drug Possession
Attorney Ruff was hired by a passenger on a major Cruise Ship that was arrested for drug
possession, a felony.  He went to Court and arranged for a complete dismissal of all
charges including removal of the arrest on the client's record.  

Residential Burglary Charges Dismissed
Our client, a merchant marine, was on shore leave in Long Beach.  He was arrested and
charged with Residential Burglary after having broke into a home and allegedly trying
steal money from the occupants.  The client was being held on $300,000 bail in the Long
Beach City Jail.  We were retained by the client's mother in Maine.  We immediately
visited the client at the jail and opened a dialogue with the detective investigating the
case.  Following numerous meetings with the District Attorney and the Police Department,
the Attorney secured the release of the client and dismissal of the burglary charges.

Long Beach DUI Accident  with a Refusal Allegation
Our client crashed into a parked car in Long Beach, when the police arrived he was
arrested for DUI and refusal to submit to chemical testing, his license was confiscated.  He
hired Mr. Ruff who requested and won a DMV hearing on the refusal, in Court the D.A.
agreed to dismiss the DUI charges for a reckless driving.

Assault with Great Bodily Injury Charges Dropped
The client, a 28 year old oil refinery worker,  was arrested following a fight outside a bar.  
The alleged victim sustained  a severe fracture beneath his eye requiring metal plates
and surgery.  Our client asserted that he was acting in self defense. The District Attorney  
wanted 1 year jail and a plea to a strike.  We believed the client and undertook an
extensive investigation, obtaining exculpatory witnesses to support our theory of
defense.  After a nearly year long fight, the DA caved in and dismissed the felony

Domestic Violence charges dropped
Our client was arrested near the Queen Mary by Long Beach Police after a security
guard reported witnessing the client assault his wife during an argument.  The attorney
went to Court and convinced the Prosecutor to drop the domestic violence charges and a
deal was worked out for a disturbing the peace as an infraction which is no criminal

DUI,  Resisting Arrest,  Open Container, Driving on Suspended, Case Dismissed
Matthew was successful in getting all charges dismissed for our client a 28 year old
construction worker.  The Long Beach Police arrested him and he submitted a breath test
of .11%, nearly 1 1/2 times the legal limit.  The city prosecutor agreed to dismiss all
charges on the day of trial after they realized the defense was ready to proceed.  

Spousal Abuse Charges Dropped
Our client, a parolee, was charged with inflicting injury on his wife in the parking lot of the
Pike in downtown Long Beach.  The client insisted the charges were false.  We set the
case for trial and were able to convince the prosecutor to drop the charges which did not
require him to attend domestic violence counseling or be on probation.

Armed Robbery and Kidnapping Charges Dropped
Our client, a juvenile, was arrested along with three of his friends in a stolen vehicle.  The
police alleged the client drove the vehicle out of the storage lot in Long Beach harbor
after tying up and forcing the security guard to relinquish the keys by pointing a gun in his
face.  We believed the Police made a mistake and the client was the victim of a false
identity. After a number of Court appearances, the Attorney convinced the District
Attorney to drop all
felony charges including the robbery and kidnapping.  

Rape Charges Dismissed, Client Released from Jail
Our client, a 25 year old construction worker, was arrested by the LAPD Harbor Division
following rape accusations by a 17 year old girl.  Our client insisted the sex was
consensual and the girl simply felt guilty after her friends found out about the encounter.  
The Attorney  immediately began an investigation which included interviewing witnesses
and presented the case to the Detective in charge.  As a result of the attorney's
involvement, all charges were dropped against the client and he was released from jail
before he ever appeared in Court.  Nothing will appear on his record as a criminal offense

Felony DUI with Injury, Charges Dismissed
Our client, a casual longshoreman, was driving in San Pedro and ran through a red light
colliding with a car and injuring the driver.  Both vehicles were totaled.  The LAPD harbor
Division responded and arrested our client for felony
driving under the influence, a breath
test revealed a .19% blood alcohol level.  The client's family retained our office.  We knew
if the client was convicted of the felony he would lose his license for a year, be sentenced
to prison and lose his job on the dock.  With this in mind, the Attorney met with the
prosecutor and negotiated a dismissal of the Felony charges, the client was released
from jail and saved his drivers license and his job and future prospects.

Lewd Act in Public Charges Dismissed
Our Client, a school teacher, was arrested by the Long Beach Department and charged
with a violation of Penal Code 647b, committing a lewd act in a public restroom.  A
conviction of the offense would mean termination of his employment, jail time and a
permanent scar on his criminal record.  Understanding this, we prepared a defense which
included, among other things, an
illegal arrest and was able to convince the Prosecutor to
drop the charge.  Thanks to attorney Matthew Ruff the client kept his job.

Solicitation of Prostitution Charges Dropped
Our client, a business executive in Palos Verdes, was arrested during a "sting" operation
by the Long Beach Police Department.  A conviction of the offense would not only be an
extreme embarrassment but would result in mandatory AIDS testing and counseling as
well as probation.  Our office met with the prosecution and arranged to have the
solicitation for prostitution charges dropped and a deal was struck for a trespassing with
no testing, counseling or conviction for the solicitation of a prostitute.

Hit and Run Charges Avoided due to early intervention by Attorney
The client had been drinking at a bar in Long Beach and collided with a median while
entering the 710 freeway, the client had sustained a prior conviction for hit and run and
was on probation for that offense.  We were contacted early after the incident and were
able to give the client good advice on what and what not to do such as exercising the
right to remain silent.  The client followed our advice and no criminal Hit and Run charges
were brought and the vehicle was released from the police impound yard.  

Rape Charges - 3rd Strike , 2 priors stricken, Rape charges dropped
Client was arrested for forcible rape of his ex-girlfriend's daughter shortly after he ended
the relationship.  Client, a 30 year old male, had been to prison before and was facing a
25 to life sentence if convicted.  Our theory of the case was the 15 year old girl was lying
and pressured to make the allegation by the client's ex-girlfriend following their bitter
break up.  During the preliminary hearing the Attorney exposed a number of
inconsistencies in the young girl's testimony.  In addition, Counsel discovered the girl had
mental issues and sought to discover her psychiatric records.  After fighting the case for
nearly a year, the District Attorney agreed to strike 2 of the client's
prior strikes, dismiss
the rape charges and allow a plea to a much lower charge of unlawful sexual intercourse.

Possession of Pirated DVD's and Counterfeit CD's - Case Dismissed
Client, a Convenience Store Owner, was arrested in Long Beach and charged with a
number of criminal offenses arising from the possession and sale of fake music tapes and
CD's, along with pirated DVD movies.  The prosecution was vigorous due to the large
amount of grant money provided to the law enforcement agencies from the music and
movie industry.  Our defense was that the client had no actual knowledge that the
contraband was illegally produced.  After numerous Court appearances and defense
motions, the case was dropped, all counterfeit charges dismissed.

Theft of Lottery Tickets, Case Dropped
Client, an immigrant from India,  was the clerk of a mini market and was selling Lottery
tickets that had been previously scratched off revealing the losing ticket.  The Lawyer was
able to get the charges dropped against the clerk saving him from potentially being
deported from the United States, possible Jail time and immigration consequences.

Client gets no jail on DUI with prior and driving on suspended license.
Our client, a tugboat captain, was driving across the Vincent Thomas bridge from
Pedro when he was stopped by the LAPD for signs of drunk driving.  He blew a .13% on
the breath test and was charged with DUI with priors in Long Beach Court Div. 3.  We
were hired and negotiated a  deal for
no jail, no community service, no house arrest, just
probation, a fine and completion of the standard DUI school.

Domestic Partner Abuse Charges, Case Dismissed
Our client, a clerk working in a import export business, was arrested in his own apartment
following a report of physical abuse by his domestic partner who called 911.  The client
was issued a stay away order preventing him access to his own home and given a Court
date on criminal charges of PC 273.5, PC 422 and PC 243.  We were retained and went
to Court for the client.  The attorney fought the charges, resisting pressure from the D.A.
to plead guilty.  Due to the Lawyer's persistence the entire case was dismissed.

DUI, DMV License Suspension Hearing
Client was arrested by the LAPD, he had thre prior convictions for DUI related offenses.  
The breath test in this case was a .17%.  Matthew Ruff requested and got a DMV hearing
to fight a license suspension.  At the hearing various objections were made to the
evidence and the suspension was set aside.